ARTIST: Mark Jenkins
LOCATION: ITV Tower, London
SERVICES: Design, build, promote

EVERY TWO HOURS A MAN IN THE UK TAKES HIS OWN LIFE. It was time to get people talking about it.

Male suicide and mental health is a big issue and charity CALM wanted to stop people in their tracks and get people talking about it.

Working with creative agency Strong & Co and Mark Jenkins, an American artist most widely known for his street sculptures made from packing tape, we built individual sculptures that would represent real lives lost to suicide, placing them in prominent places to raise awareness and trigger debate.

Working with twelve groups of families and friends who lost someone to suicide, Mark built hyper-realistic tape models representing the life of the person they had lost.

Involving the families not only helped the grief process, it created a story that would reinforce the impact of each sculpture. A poignant reminder of a real life and a call to society to come together and ultimately take a stand against male suicide.

The next step was to achieve maximum prominence. Working with CALM we were able to place 84 statues at the top of Television Studios, representing the number of men who die each week. It received incredible press coverage and was the catalyst for the Government’s decision to appoint a suicide prevention minister, inciting structural change through a demonstrable change in government policy.

“Here at This Morning we never shy away from stories that can be difficult to talk about – and without doubt, one of the most heartbreaking is losing a loved one to suicide.”

Phillip Schofield, ITV presenter for This Morning