ARTIST: Iva Troj
CLIENT: Halo Infinite
LOCATION: Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea and Louvre Museum, Paris. 
SERVICES: Curator/ Project Management 

MasterPiece-01 (lo-res)
MasterPiece-02 (lo-res)
MasterPiece-03 (lo-res)
MasterPiece-04 (lo-res)

A CELEBRATION To mark the launch of Halo Infinite, the latest instalment in the iconic video game franchise

Created by Iva Troj, the Brighton-based 2016 Palm Award Winner and 2019 CAF Artist Of The Year, the 6m x 3m canvas depicts in minute detail a scene inspired by Halo Infinite. The scene shows franchise protagonist, The Master Chief, locked in battle with his alien enemy: the spark of rebellion in the center of the painting ignites scores of battles nearby, as the Chief inspires the marines around him to become heroes.

The work was created in Troj’s Brighton studio using oil on canvas, with details and techniques that Troj is known for in her original works, which typically blend Renaissance and postmodern styles giving a dreamlike feel. Titled the ‘Master Piece”, playing on Halo’s lead character’s name, the piece elevates a decades-old cultural icon from pop culture to high culture, blending Renaissance art with cutting edge entertainment and reminding fans and new audiences alike that videogames are, indeed, works of art.

“I spent a long time immersing myself in Halo’s universe to bring this to life in the manner of an old master but depicting a modern battle, and I hope Halo fans and gamers everywhere enjoy the results – including those smaller Easter eggs that you might not notice at first glance.”

Iva Troj

“Xbox and Halo both turned 20 last month and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate that than with such unique activities, giving our fans and the public a chance to see something special.” 

 “They are a fitting way to conclude what has been a string of successful AAA game releases over recent weeks.”

James Butcher, Head of Xbox UK & Ireland