‘Art has the power to effect change, inspire, stimulate and promote new dialogue…’

SIMON VAUGHAN - Managing Director

Simon is a hive of creativity with a mind that works at a million miles an hour. He believes that no idea is impossible and with more than a decade of experience working with artists to stage projects and events, he has the contacts and creativity to bring to life the incredible, the outlandish, the hard-hitting and the iconic. 

BEN KEARNS - Director

Ben takes the ideas from concept to reality. As principal designer and chief jargon translator, Ben develops the creative strategy, using his expertise in architecture and bespoke fabrication to evolve the idea into a workable design solution. His extensive network means he has an artist in mind for everything and can deliver a comprehensive design plan for even the most complicated brief. 

Gina Hewitt - operations manager

Gina is the glue that holds together the Creative Giants back office, ensuring all our projects run seamlessly.  During her many years of  operations management she has worked across the creative and lifestyle sectors and  is known for her no-nonsense,  hands on approach. 


Charley March - Senior Producer

Skilled at  bringing  together exceptional people to create immersive worlds, Charley’s  360 approach is informed by her extensive experience in live events, immersive theatre,  digital content and social content. Charley helps Creative Giants build unforgettable experiences


davinia crisp - Production assistant

Working across all our client and in-house projects, Dee’s background in Marketing and Communications means that she brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the entire Creative Giants team. 


Iain Jamieson - architecture & Master-planning

As a RCA graduate with an interest in the fictional architectures of film, Iain enjoys being at the sharp end of our design team. His desire to create out-of-the-ordinary solutions often sees him produce work that is unexpected and truly joyful. 


Alice westwood - 3D Design

Design-extraordinaire Alice is a powerhouse of the design team and her spatial planning and 3D design skills are utilised on most Creative Giants projects.  Alice’s deep understanding of how all aspects of physical design are complemented by graphics, colour and other layers of creativity, help us communicate our design narrative and bring ideas to life.  


Richard Wolfstrome - graphic storytelling

Richard works with people to bring meaning to place through the delivery of information. His background as a graphic design specialist, internationally recognised for his typographic skills, helps him translate the aims of each design brief into the physical space, curating how the area is used. 

Sam williams - artist liaison

Sam is an event producer and artist. She understands the potential of art to transform a space and works closely with our database of artists to develop each project to fit the design brief. She recognises that ideas and art can evolve and works with artists to source the technology and tools they need to make an impact.