An open call for

The Norfolk Way Art Trail

Norfolk County Council is commissioning five dynamic new artworks to form the Norfolk Way Art Trail, a brand new outdoor public art trail spanning 250 miles of Norfolk, England.

Proposals have been invited across five locations to design a multi-sensory, accessible public artwork that will engage local communities, reveal hidden stories and inspire visitors to explore the county between October – March.

Online application support workshops were held and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions provided in the FAQS section.


This initiative is funded by EXPERIENCE a €23.3 million project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme. Led by Norfolk County Council, it aims to deliver innovative and sustainable growth via a new tourism strategy. It is project-managed by creative agency Creative Giants. 

Boal Quay, King's Lynn

King’s Lynn is steeped in maritime trading history, has strong links with Europe and is a proud member of the Hanseatic League, which it has been part of for centuries. ​

​Situated on the Western edge of Norfolk, it has fewer residents than neighbouring towns and its sense of space, fresh air rolling in off the river, its fishing community, untouched rural villages and unspoilt wildlands are all part of its central identity. It is also home to Britain’s oldest working theatre, the 15th Century Guildhall and the only venue that it is alleged Shakespeare himself may have performed at. ​However, whilst the fishing community has adapted to modern needs, Boal Quay itself has become a little tired and is looking for a creative boost. ​

Applications are invited for an enlivening artwork, a focal point inviting visitors to embrace the area’s integral outdoors offer.


Diss is a cherished market town in South Norfolk. Nestled within the beautiful Waveney Valley, Diss historically traded in the wool and linen textile industries. One area, known as the Heritage Triangle, has recently undergone a £3.4 million regeneration programme, designed to transform its commercial centre. 

It is also home to one of the deepest natural inland lakes in the United Kingdom. The six-acre body of water, known as Diss Mere, has been subject to considerable speculation: according to ancient folklore, it was once considered bottomless and formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Geology suggests, however, that its origins extend back to the Ice Age. Nobody knows for sure.

A beautiful, frequented spot at the entrance to Diss Park and mouth of the Mere invites an application for a new artwork.


It’s an exciting moment in time for Great Yarmouth. The town is undergoing a multi-million pound regeneration, including developing a brand new marketplace in its medieval centre. Alongside this, investment has been received to restore the Winter Gardens site and Great Yarmouth Borough Council and East Suffolk Council are bidding to become City of Culture 2025. Read more at

Applications are invited for artworks that are celebratory – the piece at this location must be an emblem of confidence and pride – demonstrating the forward-looking ambitions of the town and its community in this dynamic new chapter.


This section of the North Walsham and Dilham Canal was transformed by its owner Laurie Ashton, who sadly passed away recently. He dedicated 20 years of his life to opening up the area as a waterway for the community, creating somewhere for people to come and relax. He cleared silt, laid 60,000 bricks by hand, to restore Bacton Wood Lock and undertook extensive renovations to make the area the haven it is today.

Wild swimmers, model boaters, canoers, families, anglers and walkers are attracted to the site and North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust volunteers upkeep the area with great care, seeing it as a ‘green gym’, a place for enhancement of personal wellbeing. During the pandemic this harmonious spot has experienced an increased number of visitors, celebrating its wildlife, nature, peace, fauna and flora.

Laurie was the owner of the canal and a brilliant Engineer. Applications are invited for artworks that celebrate Laurie’s vision for the area. 


The Reedham Ferry Inn has been owned by David Archer and family since 1949. Originally a small ale house and old ferry operated by hand, the picturesque site right on the Norfolk Broads now comprises: a public house, campsite, two fishing ponds, ronds (overspill flooding areas) and England’s smallest chain ferry, running with a diesel engine. Grass snakes, Kingfishers, cattle and wildfowl frequent the area alongside families and boaters who enjoy holidaying in this idyllic spot.

Applications are invited for an artwork that has the ability to be on land and water as the tide changes, that will be situated outside the Inn and by the river. The Archers welcome a piece that will intrigue and draw more visitors to the area.


Yes. This opportunity is open to anyone creative, anywhere in the world, who has an idea for an outdoor public artwork. Remember to keep the design within budget, ensure it is achievable, value for money and responds to the brief. You might be a freelance artist, designer, arts organisation, creative company, technician, architect, engineer or maybe you’re from another background e.g. a community group and would like to send in a collaborative idea, that’s welcome too. Starting out or highly experienced – what matters is the quality of your idea. You must be aged 18 or over on the deadline date.  

No. You can apply and create the artwork from anywhere in the world, by working with fabricators and / or installers in England, remotely. 

Yes, absolutely. We are looking for really unusual, interesting artwork ideas that respond to our Norfolk Trail commission briefs in a fresh way. Creative Giants can provide some support on the technical side and assist you to work out your budget.

Successful candidates will receive: 

  • Mentorship support throughout the 12 months. 
  • Some technical advice and guidance on working with your fabrication team from Creative Giants. 
  • An opportunity for all five artists to meet online monthly, to discuss artwork trail questions/obstacles/ideas. 

Please note you will need to project manage your artwork from concept to completion, although some light touch administrative support will be available from Norfolk County Council and Creative Giants. 

Be sure to sign up to our online application support workshops, specifically aimed at helping you apply and answer any questions you may have. All sessions will be recorded and placed on the Creative Giants website for all to access. 

We can’t reiterate enough that it’s the strength of your artwork idea that matters to us most: be bold, surprise and engage us. We’re all artists and we’re all equal. However, we recognise that the world isn’t perfect and sometimes certain voices are more dominant than others. As such, we are particularly keen to hear from those creating quality designs that represent a less heard point of view. To make the application process equitable to all we ask that if you need access support you contact us on:


We have funds set aside to make reasonable accommodations to support you in applying and throughout the project. Email: and let us know how we can help. 

Yes. Employing a fabricator to build your artwork is fine. You’ll need to collaborate and project manage the processDelivery of your artwork to its location site must be factored into your fabrication costs. Please refer to the Budget Breakdown question below for further details. 

You are welcome to apply for a maximum of two opportunities. However, please note we are unlikely to offer more than one commission to an artist. Whilst you can send the same design to different commission opportunities, we encourage you to be selective and think carefully about what each location needs. 


The development of your artwork must include an element of community engagement. The artist budget includes a £3000 allowance for this to cover preparation and delivery (approximately ten days). This engagement may be in the form of live or online event/s or workshops or you may wish to collaborate with a local Norfolk artist to deliver these. In the application we’ll ask for your initial idea. 

Your budget is broken down into three parts: your artist fee, community engagement activity and fabrication (making, materials and delivery to the site) costs. Installation costs will be handled separately. The artist fee and community engagement fees are fixed, all commissioned artists will receive these as set amounts. The fabrication budget will depend on your materials. You mustn’t exceed the maximum budgets below. Remember to ensure you show us your budget is: realisticachievable and excellent value for money. 

There is a budget of between £38,000-£58,000 +VAT available to create each artwork. This breaks down as  follows: 

  • Artist’s fee = £15,000. This is your entire fee for the 12 months which includes any artist expenses.
  • Community Engagement = £3,000. Pay yourself or a local Norfolk Artist to deliver this, at a minimum of 10 days’ work.  
  • Fabrication budget = Applicants may apply for a fabrication budget of between £20,000 – £40,000. You must demonstrate that your artwork is good value for money. Please note, we will not be able to offer a £40,000 fabrication budget to all five sites, so consider your budget carefully. 
  • You must leave enough reasonable budget for the four remaining sites. You can pay yourself if you are making the work and buying materials. The money can only be spent on materials, workshop space and labour (including professional fees for structural/ mechanical/ electrical or naval engineers, technical design, technicians, architects, health & safety consultation, transportation of artwork to site). Or you can employ a subcontractor: in which case you’d submit a budget to Creative Giants that would need to be sense checked and approved. The sub-contractor will be paid directly by Norfolk County Council. 
  • Installation costs will be covered by Norfolk County Council who have allocated up to approximately £10,000 per site to cover the install and on-site construction work. This budget will be paid directly to the principal site contractor responsible for overseeing site management, health and safety, managing subcontractors, ensuring all work is built to specification and final handover. It will be contracted for separately. 

Please note: the final five commission fabrication budgets may independently vary depending on the cost of materials.  

You do not need to add VAT into your proposed budget.  

Artist Access support = if you have any personal access requirements, please ensure you add an extra line for access support (detailing provisions needed) in the budget template. Access requirement costs are additional and do not come out of the overall artist budget. Feel free to ask us more about this. Requesting access support will not affect your 

All Intellectual Property rights would remain with you, the designer of the artwork.
The Artwork itself would be owned by the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme (the funders of the competition) and Norfolk County Council.
You would not be permitted to create an exact replica of the artwork anywhere else in the UK for 10 years, however you could create a variant of the artwork design. Interreg & Norfolk County Council would be permitted to use imagery of your artwork within their communications campaign and advertisement of the Norfolk Way Art Trail. Neither party may produce merchandise with the artwork design/image featured.

In association with Norfolk County Council and funded by the Interreg France (Channel) England EXPERIENCE Project