Creative Giants support both clients and artists to make big ideas a reality. 

We’re trialling a new service that will allow us to support more artists from the ground up. 

We know that the process of making large scale work, whether temporary or permanent, is sometimes challenging. We offer end to end services that can help you move a project from early conception through to delivery. 

Initially, we are offering a free consultation sessions for 6 artists/organisations on our database that want to share a BIG idea or project with us (via the form).

If your idea or project is selected, we’ll invite you for a chat, offer you some advice, tell you a bit more about other services we offer to artists and clients, and how we could potentially help you make your next project a reality. 

After that first chat we’ll ask you for some honest feedback on the services provided (submitted by filling out a short form), and you can decide if you would like to continue working with us.

We appreciate that sharing ideas with other creatives can be daunting. We want to assure you that your ideas and dreams are safe with us and we won’t reuse or repackage them as our own. However, we also have to state that we can’t guarantee our future projects or other artists’s ideas we hear won’t have similarities to your work and ideas. We are all inspired and responding to a similar world after all. It’s a grey area, and something we’ve thought a lot about, but ultimately we’re happy to take the risk if you are.

Our ultimate goal is to see more great project realised and we would be delighted to help you make your own!